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Friday, May 8, 2009

Compressed Air Filters

Compressed air filters are widely used in the industrial arena. They are used to remove water, oil, oil vapor, dirt and other contamination from a compressed air supply. Compressed air filters are used to control and cool various forms of industrial instruments. A pneumatically operated machine suffers serious effects caused by dirt particles, oil carryover and moisture. In most of the applications, contamination of the air supply could lead to serious performance degradation and most likely will increase the maintenance cost in terms of repairs. The result of this is that productive time is lost. The only way to cut down the costs and increase the performance is to properly maintain compressed air filters.

There are different types of compressed air filters. All of them are built in a way to remove the oil and other contamination from the air supply. Some have special features that make them more effective in specific applications. Coalescing oil removal filters are able to remove oil at the sub-micron level. General compressed air filters remove liquid and solid contaminations of various micron sizes. Adsorbent, oil vapor, removal filters are designed to maintain a very pure inflow. They use adsorbent materials such as charcoal as a filter media to reduce vapor less than 1ppm. These devices are used in conjunction with other instrumentation. Multi staged compressed air filters are also frequently used. A 10 m micron filter blocks any particle or droplet 10 microns and above in diameter. You'll find an extensive line of air filtration products on the Internet that will probably fit your needs. Just do a search for compressed air filters.

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