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Friday, May 8, 2009

How to Buy a Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer

Many customers are often confused as to which kind of dryer for compressed air would work well for them. While some people prefer high-end brands, others may want to opt for more cost-effective solutions. No matter what your prerogative maybe you should consider the following aspects before purchasing any air dryer system.

Reputation of the brand

First and foremost, no matter which kind of dryer mechanism you are looking for, make sure the manufacturer enjoys a good reputation in the market. You may end up purchasing a lower end model at a cheaper rate but the downside to this is that your maintenance and repair costs may go up in the long term. Always select a brand, which is well versed with the compressed gas treatment domain. Most manufacturers of compressed air dryer mechanisms should enjoy a good level of customer service not just before the sale but also post sales as that is when it counts the most.

Feature sets

Once you have zeroed in on a particular brand, you want to explore the feature sets available in their range of air dryer mechanisms. Always opt for the latest heat transfer technology enabled systems as they deliver the best performance in the long-term. Make sure the dew point is as low as is possible and that it keeps all of the pneumatic equipment in top class condition. Look for a model, which offers maximum air drying capability. Only such a feature will help you maximize savings in terms of energy expenditures. Even if the compressed air dryer were to dry around 1000 SCFM you can expect a savings of at least 1000 USD each year, which is no small amount! Compared to a non-cyclic dryer, such models offer good cost-effectiveness. The proper cleansing of the compressed air is also crucial especially if you or any member of the family suffers from dust allergies. Always ask the retailer or the manufacturer if there are any special provisions to remove air-borne ingredients such as pollen etc. as these can trigger an asthma or respiratory attack.


Price is almost always a major driver when considering to purchase an air drying system. However, it is also important not to go by merely price alone. You should also weigh the overall cost savings in the long term in comparison with the initial costs while purchasing the system. Most often, the more reputed the manufacturer is, the higher will be the cost of the dryer but at the same time efficiency and drying ability is much more, accounting for a large amount of electricity cost savings.

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